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I am running a series 1 tivo with OzTivo image. Everything was working 100% for a long time, then I stopped using the Tivo for a while. I recently restored the image back on the the drive, from the OzTivo (actually it's the TivoZA version) installation disk. After restoring the image, I had to make some mods to the emuproxy, so that my ISP DNS would be supported ( i had done all this with the original installation, with perfect success). The first thing I did, was attempt to mount the drive, and this is where my problem arose. The mount just fails. I get all sorts of errors, like "No journal on filesystem" missing this and missing that etc. I have just for the billionth time, re-restored the image, reformatted the hdd in DOS with fdisk and eveything, but nothing works.
I have a vague suspicion that the drive may be "byteswapped" but i have no idea what that means,I think it might be the problem as I booted with the MFS Tool disk, and then was able to mount the drive, and edit the emuProxy. But then when i reinstall the drive in the tivo, the tivo just hangs at the first screen.
Am at my wits end trying to sort this out.

Can anyone help?



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Someone will correct me if I am wrong but I believe that OzTivo is designed for use in Australia and modifies TiVos so that they work without the TiVo service and that is theft of service.

That is not allowed here. You might try the forums for OzTivo.
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