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Cannot dial out -

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I installed the nic_install software as directed, as well as all software from the Jenkins website. I then put the Tivo HD back in the box- it booted fine but I STILL cannot dial out...

Mt settings are:
Dial prefix ,#401
Call waiting (none)
Tone/pulse tone
Set phone avail On (have tried Off setting too)
Set dial tone detection Off (have tried On too)

Preparing - success
Dialing - success
Connecting - Failed! Service unavailable.

What now? I can ping the Tivo, but cannot ftp it or telnet it....

PS. I'm running a S1 Sony SVR2000 with a D-link bridge conected via a D-link wirless G router.

Would appreciate all help...
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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