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Cancelling TiVo

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My cable company just raised my monthly fee by over $40/month, so it seems like a good time to cut the cord. I’m thinking of going with YouTube TV on my Roku. YouTube TV has cloud recording, so I no longer need my TiVo Bolt. I just renewed my annual subscription in December. Does TiVo give refunds if you cancel early? If not, do I just unplug it and toss it? Do I need to contact TiVo? Can it be factory reset and sold?
Thanks for your help.
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Yes, you can sell it, but it would be worth more if there was lifetime/All-in subscription. You should also contact Tivo upon sold to transfer over to new buyer.
Yeah, you could try to see if you could get a deal on LT/All-in....perhaps something like $99. You could call and say you are cancelling (which it sounds like you are seriously considering) but you might stay if they gave you a deal on LT. Then you could sell the box and easily make that money back.

Alternatively, you could also play CSR roulette with Comcast and tell them you are disgusted with the price increase and you want to cancel and see if THEY might offer you a deal. This one works better (IMHO) if you have an alternative provider in your area.

Who knows.
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