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can you switch the S cards in a tivoHD?

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since many, including myself have had issues with cc2 since the 9.1 update, can we switch the two S cards in a tivoHD without any problem? if we can, it would be a good way to determine where a tuning problem lies. restarting and rebooting tivo boxes is no fun. :down:
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From what I have read, you cannot switch cards because they are "docked" to that slot.
I believe you will lose your conditional access validation which is needed for premium channels. Non-premium channels should work ok and to restore conditional access validation you could call cable company to resetup the pairing data.
If you area has enabled CPMS (Motorola terminology, I don't know SA terminology) then the cards need to be paired properly to view CCI=non-zero content. If your area hasn't enabled CPMS yet, then you can swap cards or even swap cards to different devices and everything will still display properly, however the pairing will be broken, so if when they enventually enabled CPMS (CCI=non-zero), then you will have trouble on those channels. CCI=0x00 content even if encrypted will show fine as long as the CableCARDs are authorized/activated in the system. It is only the CCI=non-zero channels that require the extra step of pairing.
dubluv said:
... it would be a good way to determine where a tuning problem lies...
Click here for info on TiVo's site that can help diagnose tuning problems. There is a lot of good info here.

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