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How many Season Passes and auto recording Wishlists do you have?
How many recordings are in the Now Playing List?

This is the order of things to try.
1) Restart/reboot
2) Reset Thumb Ratings $ Suggestions
3) Clear Program Data & To Do List
and as a last resort
4) Clear and Delete Everything

These options can be found under the Restart or Reset System Menu.

Read the warnings for #3 and #4.

ctznkne said:
It IS a hard drive, after all. You're recording, deleting, modifying... I don't see how it could NOT get messy after a while...
It does get somewhat fragmented, but not nearly as much as Window's systems. Also, the linux OS, which is a basis of the TiVo, can do some cleanup on its own as required. Others can explain in more detail if needed.
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