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Actually, linux file systems can become fragmented, however due to the design of the filesystem, they tend to be more "fragmentation resistant" than Windows filesystems. Here is a simple explanation of the differences between Windows and Linux files systems:


If your DirecTIVO is hacked, and you can open a command shell, it's easy to tell how fragmented your file system is - use the e2fsck command (found in the /sbin directory on my DirecTIVO, might be someplace else on yours). If you don't know the device names of the partitions on your disk, use the df command.

Here are the e2fsck results from the two partitions on my DirecTIVO:

/dev/hda7: 2489/32768 files (1.5% non-contiguous), 79893/131072 blocks
/dev/hda9: 4365/32768 files (12.2% non-contiguous), 41855/131072 blocks

As you can see, the first partition on my DirecTIVO ("/") is 1.5% fragmented, which is not worth worrying about. The second partition ("/var") is 12.2% fragmented, and if I was really worried about it, I could probably go track down and install one of the linux defrag tools to clean things up. But, my DirecTIVO runs fine, so I think I will leave it alone. :)

If you do some google searching with the keywords "linux filesystem fragmentation", you'll get more information than you probably wanted...
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