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Can PyTiVo Delete Video Files?

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Is there a version of PyTiVo that has a selection to delete a file in the same menu where you play the video file? Streambaby is able to do this but I've switched to PyTivo to pull my video files because there is no rebuffering. I then delete the file off of the TiVo but have to launch Streambaby to delete the file off of my WHS 2011. I'm running PyTiVo version wmcbrine dated 11-30-11.
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FYI, Streambaby has option to push/transfer video to your TiVo instead of streaming which avoids the rebuffering problem. Just have to your tivo.com login information to streambaby.ini file to enable:
I enabled push for Streambaby. I still have to leave the menu and go to My Shows to play the video. Is that correct? I was trying to keep from having to leave the menu.
Yes that's correct. It's not possible to play back a recording from My Shows while within an HME application.
To answer the original question... no.

If (big if) it's possible to get a Premiere to send a delete command to pyTivo the way it would to another Premiere, then I'd be willing to implement that (as an option -- off by default).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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