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Some Toshiba units have TiVo Basic, e.g., the SD-H400, without the DVD... you get basic intelligent VCR type recording functions without paying a monthly fee.

I've had the basic option before but it doesn't give you the TiVo magic... one really needs the Seasons Passes to get full enjoyment and use out of the TiVo ... especially now that the networks show repeats so often and switch times so often. Both wreak havoc with any manual recording.

We finally sold off our series 2 "old" TiVos and upgraded to ones with the DVD burners... they work well... though we've accumulated a stack of DVDs which really isn't anywhere near as convenient as watching from the TiVo itself--- we're back to the old stack of VCR tapes type situation which is a nuisance really.

I'd recommend getting a TiVo with as large a hard drive as possible... either by buying a low-end one with a 40 hour drive and then having it upgraded (or DIY) to say 300 hours+... or by buying a Toshiba RS-TX60--it comes with a 160 gb HD which gives you up to 200+ hours at BASIC.

Good luck with it all and let us know what you end up doing
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