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Can I use the OTA input for a DVD player?

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I've had TiVo's for a long time, but know little about the HD/Digital signal conversion.

Other than the drives on the computers, the only DVD player I currently have is on the Humax that I'm planning to use to upgrade to a Premiere.

Is it possible to purchase a DVD player and plug it into the OTA RF input set for channel 3 or 4 and set the Premiere to see that as an input? Or is it going to try to decode that as a HD signal?

I'm not trying to copy anything, just to watch it as if a 'Live TV' option.

If not, do I have any option at all to feed a DVD signal into the Premier? I'll still have a Series 2 DT in the mix if that would help me do this.


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I use different inputs for each device on the TV. Tivo HD to HDMI, DVD to component, S2 to composite.
Why on earth would you want to take a relatively high quality source such as a DVD player and send it out through a coax cable?!:confused:

You ought to use either component video or HDMI for video. You do have an HD display, don't you? If not, why would you get a TiVo Premiere?

On the unlikely chance that you are using a TiVo Premiere with a legacy analog TV, you still ought to try the component, S-video, or composite inputs on your TV to hook up your DVD player rather than running the coax output from the DVD player through a second video device. Macrovision alone would suggest that you shouldn't run the DVD through a TiVo.
From my memory DVD players do not have coax outputs.

If you really want to view DVDs through any HD TiVo you should rip the DVD on your computer and then transfer the file to your TiVo for viewing.

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