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Trini1 said:
I'm just about to get a new HD tv and sky are going to start broadcasting in HD, but tivo works thru scarts, so i'm wondering if there is anyway to run the hd thru tivo?
There won't be any benefit to this if you get SkyHD.

The alternative , but expensive workaround is to buy a scaler with SDI inputs, and get a v1 Sky+ box and TiVo modded to output SDI.

SDI gets fed into the scaler and delinterlaced and scaled to either your panel's native res or HD 720p/1080i via the digital HDMI input.

Now the difference is that the missing lines on SD are 'generated' by the scaler to give HD picture quality. The unknown question is whether Sky's HD output of genuine HD material on minimal channels outbalances 'all' SD material processed and scaled to HD resolution.

You are looking at:-

Lumagen HD Scaler £1500
SDI-modded Sky+ V1 box £400
SDI-mod to TV £200?

Not cheap! but then we don't know what the cost of the Sky HD box and sub is going to be either.
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