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Can I extract content from a Premiere w/lifetime?

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We have a couple of Premiere units with lifetime, and a Roamio Pro on monthly. We got rid of cable some time back and at this point only use the TiVos as streamers, and to play content that is locally recorded on them from the past.

I understand that if I cancel the monthly on the Roamio, it will no longer be able to do basically anything except play its local recordings. I will no longer for instance be able to use StreamBaby on it, without the active subscription.

However, given that our Premieres are both on Lifetime, this prompts 2 questions:

1. Will they still be able to use StreamBaby over DLNA (using a Plex server)?
2. Will I be able to extract content from them at a later date using KMTTG (or something else, if there is a better solution these days)?

Basically I'm trying to figure out if I have to remove all the content I intend to keep from the TiVos first, or if I can cancel the subscription and extract content from the Premieres at my leisure. I understand I would never be able to extract content (digitally anyway) from the Roamio.
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Extract is not the proper word here. Transfer would be.

Without Tivo service, it cannot do anything but play recorded shows and Live TV.
Changing your monthly to lifetime/All-in will also save a bundle in the long run. Call Tivo and see if you can get a discount on lifetime.
Thanks, but you've missed the thrust of my question. Also I have already spoken to TiVo, they want $300 for "all-in" on the Roamio. Not even slightly worth it. At $99 again, I'd have considered it... but at this point I just want to be done with TiVo for good and move on to probably more Rokus as we already have a couple of them.

My question is, on the Premieres that have lifetime, will I be able to transfer content to my PC at a later date if I no loner have any other ongoing subscription with TiVo? Or do I need to transfer anything I want to keep before terminating my one remaining Roamio subscription?
With lifetime, there is no need to de-activate them. As long as they have a Tivo subscription, every works as it did before.
You can transfer anything as long as they are not copy-protected. Programs like PyTivo Desktop, KMTTG will work to transfer shows. Tivo Desktop used to be supported by Tivo and will no longer work because its security certificates had expired.

Sometimes you might get a better deal if you keep trying to call Tivo for a different representative.
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Yeah I've spoken to them on 3 different occasions over the last 2 years or so, no deal to be had at all and we've been paying this ridiculous monthly fee for years just to use StreamBaby really. No sense throwing more money at them and I can't stand the direction the products and company have headed so... it's time to do something about it. Sure will miss that remote and 30 sec. skip but, such is life.

OK so to be absolutely clear, what you're saying is that I can cancel the Roamio subscription and it will have no impact on the Lifetime-enabled Premiere units, which I will still be able to transfer unprotected content from at my leisure in the future.

Yes? I just don't want to finally cut the cord on TiVo thinking I can save certain recordings later, only to discover that I can't anymore for some obscure reason.
Yes. Subscribed Tivo can always transfer between another subscribed Tivo.
Subscribed Tivo can always transfer between it and PC.
Subscribed Tivo CANNOT transfer between it and another UNSUBSCRIBED Tivo.
Each Tivo is regarded as a separate unit and only the network brings them together (sort of).
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OK so actually there's another scenario I can consider. I could just transfer the things I want to save off the Roamio, to one of the Premieres immediately, then cancel the Roamio sub and take my time moving whatever off the Premieres. Boy I wish I had fully understood this sooner, I could've done this years ago and saved the cost of an entire TiVo! Ah well. Thanks for your insights!
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