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Anyone familiar with the Camden 28? Not just the movie. But the TRUE STORY what the movie is based on?

If you understand the concept....

I am proposing Cival Disobediance to current DRM/Copyright laws.
As OUR right of free speach to protest the current abuse by "content providers" of current DRM/Copyright laws with the "fair use" clause.

The current abuse by "Content Providers" or our 1st amendment right, & abuse of the "fair use" clause of current copyright laws is what is causeing our main problems with Cablelabs & features we desperately desire on all HD DVR's. Including TIVO.

These abuses by these so called "Content Providers" are affecting the consumer in negative ways in other areas of the mass media market. Such as Movie downloads, DVD's, Blu-ray, HD-dvd, Games (For all platforms), Music, Radio, XM/Sirius, Internet Radio, Music Downloads. The list goes on.

It is time that we consumers take a stand agains't the abuse & the lies that "Content Providers" are filling our congress with.

Yes, I do admit, that there are consumers out there that abuse and do illegally copy/sell & in turn abuse the rights of "content providers".

But should we as a public, as consumers have to suffer the fate of a few bad apples?

DRM (On any level) is something can & will ALWAYS be broken by hackers.
HD-DVD & Blu-ray have allready been "hacked" and "broken" to some degree.

The MILLIONS of dollars "Content Providers" spend on DRM developement & deployment only increase the PRICE of the final product to consumers. WE ARE PAYING FOR DRM that we as consumers have no desire for. Why do I say we as consumers have no desire for? Because we as consumers are the ones hacking & breaking DRM in the first place. OR if we aren't hacking it, (making use of the hacks). Then our rights to "Fair use" of the content are being unfairly limited by such DRM.

Example.... We have the legal right to Backup HD-DVD/Blu-ray discs. However owning the hardware or software to do so is currently Illegal. Software/hardware companies are severally sued to not release for sale any software/hardware that would otherwise backup these HD-DVD/Blu-ray discs. Thus how can one legally make a copy if they can't legally have the hard/software to do so.

These lists of examples can go on & on. Tivo Inc. Doesn't have the financial resources to finance the court battles with Cablelabs & Content Providers about the legality of providing full HD to features such as MRV/Tivo To Go and others.

So I ask, How many of you are willing to put your money where your mouth is & stand up fight against the "Content Providers".

Camden 28, Cival Disobediance. Let's get this abuse in the news!

I am sure many of you heard about the "Dateline" reporter trying to go "Undercover" (Unsucessfully) to DEFCON. Just to implicate possible illegal activities of hackers. If not go see it on YOUTUBE!

How long will we let them abuse us as consumers?


Time to stop the abuse!
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