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I've got a cachecard and i want to install it but i'm not sure which drivers etc i need.

This seems to be the page that i want that has the cd image on it that i need:
... but which one?? Driver only PC or drive only native? Whats the difference? I'll be taking the drive out plugging it into a PC and booting from the CD - so i'll take a stab and guess its the 'driver only pc' zip file i need?

Is everything i need on there - so i can just follow the instructions here, right?:
He mentions something about putting drivers on a floppy but its very vague. Vague to me anyway!

Basically - exactly what cd image do i need and what else if anything else and which instructions do i follow?

I have a uk tivo that has a 120gb drive in it (i didnt do that upgrade cant you tell lol).

I could guess but i want to be absolutely sure cos if bugger anything up and kill my tivo i'll just die...


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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