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I had Mediacom install cablecards in my new TiVoHD the other day, and have had a series of problems since then. They were installed Monday night. At that time, I saw some HD channels working and thought we were done. As I played with it that night, i found that I wasn't getting any more channels than I was before with what's broadcast in the clear, so the cablecards obviously weren't working.

After contacting mediacom, they added additional codes to the account that are needed for cablecards, and sent a hit. Some channels were there, some not, and I went to bed. By morning, everything seemed to be working and I had all the channels I was supposed to.

Unfortunately, I was having trouble with my internet also. They've been out and rewired almost everything, and the internet service is working great now. However, after they left, I noticed that I was missing channels again. I actually couldn't turn channels at all. I went into the cablecard test screens, and it showed no channels available.

More tweaks and hits to the cards ensued, and now I have all of my Digital and HD channels working, but no analog channels.

Anyone have any idea what might be wrong here?
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