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txagfan said:
You are crying about paying $1.95 for cable cards? Are you kidding me? :rolleyes:
No he is complaining about being charged more than $1.95. reread the first portion of his post.

txagfan said:
One thing you don't seem to understand is that Cable is a BUSINESS. They open their doors everyday to make money.
no kidding.

txagfan said:
. You want digital services that the cable company has to regurlarly make deals with the programmers i.e. ESPN that raise their rates every year for the cable co to broadcast, but you don't want to pay a digital outlet fee.
actually we dont want to pay two digital outlet fees for one box.

If ESPN raises their rates, the cable company should raise the programing costs, not the hardware costs.

txagfan said:
As for the cards in the box, an HD DVR uses one M-stream card, not two S cards.
As I understand it the TiVoHD does support an M card. If cable companies have M-cards they should make them available to all not just in their own set top boxes.
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