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CableCard activation on BrightHouse

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I purchased a new TIVO-HD Series 3, scheduled a CableCard install with BrightHouse (Melbourne, FL), and finally the installer came out last Saturday.

1. The guy had no clue what he was doing and was pushing the cards in, taking them out, did not want to see the instructions... anyway long story. I finally convinced him to do the 1st card and call in the numbers to have the cards activated.
2. The nightmare begins! They could get the cards to to authorize, but none of the premium channels or encrypted channels would display. 2 hours of activating, and re-activating later - same thing.
3. Another tech from BrightHouse comes to the house.. this one was more gentle with the equipment, but also was unable to get the cards to see any of the encrypted channels.
4. Another 4 techs come out on Sunday/Monday. No go - same story.
5. Had TIVO CableCard support on the line.. they got Brighthouse on the line..
we folllowed all the instructions... same thing.
6. The cards will not receive any EMM messages. We had 4 pairs of cards in the unit (8 in total). All of them do the same thing. They checke Signal to Noise Ratio (its 36 DB - which is great). Ran a line from the tivo box out to the street, bypassing anything in the house. No go.

Called Tivo support again.. they admitted to me that TIVO will NOT SEE REFRESH messages sent by the cable company.. the cable company must send INITIALIZATION messages. So here we go again.. they conferenced BRIGHTHOUSE in.. got a not so bright operator. The only options she has is to

1. Pair the Cards.
2. Send an "Addressable Box Enable" Message
3. Send a Refresh Message.

In that order. When this is done the cards will authorize.. but no EMM messages are received.. so no encrypted channels can be decoded. (ECMs stay at 0).

I'm about to return the new TIVO box, tried all I can... talked to at least 20 different people at brighthouse - 5 people at Tivo, had 8 techs out to the house.

I think TIVO HD is a little premature for the market...

Does anyone have any success story with BrightHouse and if so what was the secret?

My BrightHouse account:
Residential with almost all Premium Services
RoadRunner Business Internet Connection (Static IP).

Dissapointed... Alex
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I have a TiVo Series 3 HD since last year on BrightHouse in Melbourne. No problems, until 2 nights ago. In my house, I have 2 Series3 HD and one TV with CableCards. All 3 devices are hosed (good thing, as I know Brighthouse has done something bad). I decided to debug my TV first, as I know what i am looking at is not being influenced by TiVo software. My TV has the option to show all the channels available for tuning on the CableCard. As it stands now, whatever Brighthouse has done has caused the lineup to be hosed. Its like some of the channels are there and some of them are not. Further, there are no channels beyond 500. On my TiVo's, the lineup is correct, however, if you tune to any of the channels that are hosed on my TV, the TiVo simply states its looking for a channel, but cannot find one.

I have called Brighthouse twice. The have sent hits to all cards. I saw the EMM click up, but for some reason, the EMMs are not constantly streaming. I get no ECM at all. They are now telling me they will have to send someone out. Overall, its ridiculous, because ALL cards stopped working on the same day. The problem is obviously on their end.

A year ago when I first set everything up, I when through similar pains. In my case, for example, BrightHouse claimed I was authorized to receive content, but in actuality, only my TV was authorized. They have to go into each CableCard and authorize the HD content. That took 2 truck rolls plus a competent "home office" operator that talked to the tech when they got there. If they do not authorize each CableCard, you will not get any HD channels at all!

So, now I am in your same position. Brighthouse has done something to affect all the cards in my house. They are all in the same hosed stated, with incorrect channel lineup, and are not streaming EMM or ECM (I do receive EMM when they hit the cards, but it never streams). All in all, very dissapointed.

Has anyone else seen similar issue in Melbourne?
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I am just about to purchase TIVO but am in Melbourne. Has this situation been resolved? Called today and they didn't have any idea what I was talking about.
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