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I encourage people to post the models of their cable/satellite boxes (more technically called set top boxes) and the codes they have found to work, along with any special notes. Information about boxes for which no codes work well is also useful so that TiVo users can try to avoid them.

Boxes are considered compatible if, with proper setup, they can achieve a reliability of at most a missed channel change once every few months. With the notable exception of the DCT2000 series boxes, most compatible boxes actually perform much better than that minimum (even using IR), with achievable error rates of a few times a year down to less than one missed channel change per year. Warning language is included in entries for boxes which cannot achieve these reliability rates (even for boxes that perform channel changes correctly 90-95% of the time).

To find out your current IR code, wait until your TiVo is not recording. Then for cable boxes, go to Messages & SetupCable/Satellite BoxCable Box Setup and then forward through all the screens. The procedure for satellite boxes is similar.

First, look for the box type (cable box or satellite box) and manufacturer name to see if general notes exist for that manufacturer's boxes. These general notes are not repeated in each box's entry in order to keep the size of this list somewhat reasonable.

Then, look for a specific entry for that model of box. Each model name is followed by a recommended IR code or serial control configuration and then any special notes for that box. Many words are linked to further info. (Most links use the same color as the surrounding text to improve readability.) Again, as noted in the prior paragraph, general notes for the manufacturer are not duplicated for every box, so also look for any general notes for the manufacturer and box type.

Note: TiVo DVRs are not capable of controlling other TiVo DVRs via IR.

Links to further info or credits look like this. At the bottom, some useful links to info related to IR and serial control are provided.

Attempting to connect the IR port from a cable/satellite box to a TiVo DVR's IR port is dangerous!. Many set cable/satellite boxes have high voltage on their IR ports, so connecting a TiVo DVR to the cable/satellite box's IR port can damage both the TiVo DVR and the cable/satellite box. Such connections almost never work anyways since, while a number of set top boxes have IR output ports (for controlling a VCR), almost none have IR input ports.

A complication in choosing a good IR code is that, at least for one box, different codes work for different firmware. So, a box that had a working IR code may suddenly stop working after a firmware change is sent by the cable/satellite company, causing TiVo problems until a new IR code is entered.

TiVo's article "How Do I Change Channels Using IR Control?" lists the sequence of menu items for changing the IR code.

UK Boxes
Cable Boxes
  • Alpha Products International: ⇒ see Vision 20/20
  • Amino AmiNET 110: 10071-Medium
  • Amino AmiNET 120: 10071-C
  • Clearmax 3000, 6000: 00037-Fast

    According to unixdown, Remove the faceplate of the cable box in front of the IR receiver.

    Note: Clearmax units made in China use different codes than those made in Korea. It is unknown whether this code is for the Chinese or Korean units.

  • Clearview GI DCT1124/1151:

    Also, try the tips in the Motorola section.

  • Clearview GI DCT1134/1151: 10021

    Also, try the tips in the Motorola section.

  • Clearview GI DCT2244: 10019

    Also, see the Motorola section and its DCT2000 entry.

  • Clearview GI DPV7212:

    No compatible code currently known.

  • Coolbox:

    Try Orbit codes.

  • Coolbox 2 Smartbox: Orbit 10017-Fast, 3 digits, Enter Key: No
  • General Instrument:

    Also see Motorola, which bought GI, or Clearview, which made some GI boxes.

  • General Instrument DPV7222, DPBB7522P: INCOMPATIBLE with some TiVo DVRs

    Incompatible with (Series2) DVRs having TiVo service numbers beginning with 540 or 590.

  • General Instrument DPBB7312: INCOMPATIBLE with some TiVo DVRs

    Incompatible with at least some TiVo Series2 DVRs. General Instrument 00003-Medium works with Series1 boxes.

  • General Instrument DPBB7322: INCOMPATIBLE with some TiVo DVRs

    Incompatible with (Series2) DVRs having TiVo service numbers beginning with 540 or 590. General Instrument 00003-Fast works with Series1 boxes.

  • i3 micro technology Mood Box (Myrio): 10073
  • Jerrold:

    Jerrold Electronics was bought by General Instrument, which was in turn bought by Motorola. See the Motorola entries for Jerrold cable boxes.

  • Motorola CFT/DCT Series Cable Boxes:

    Motorola (GI, Jerrold, Clearview) box models can be hard to identify. Motorola has a list of their boxes with pictures. (Unfortunately, that site is down at the moment. In the meantime, try Motorola's Product Catalog.) The model number should also be in the manual cable companies should supply with the box and can sometimes be found on the bottom of the box.

    For older boxes, if the specific Motorola codes below do not work, also try GI, Jerrold, and Clearview codes.

    Many older DCT models have a problem with dropping the first digit. Labonte18 explains the technical cause of the problem in this post. First, try using an IR tent/fort. If (and only if) still losing the first digit, this FAQ entry might help somewhat.

    For the DCT6200, DCT2000, and possibly other models, power off then press Select to see the diagnostic screen.

    lajohn27 writes that some boxes have an AutoTune setting. If AutoTune is off/on, then the Enter Key is/isn't required to change channels.

  • Motorola CFT2200 series: 00093-Fast or ClearView 10019-Medium

    If 6's don't work, try 10040-Fast. The TiVo article "I Am Unable to Change to a Channel with the Number 6 in It" has detailed instructions.

  • Motorola DCT1700, DCT1800:

    These boxes may not work well even though they are based on the DCT2000 series.

    One poster appears to report the box works and can have a serial port, but according to TiVo some boxes have a sound issue.

  • Motorola DCP501: See DCT2000 series

    Try 00093-Fast.

  • Motorola DCT2000 series (includes DCT2224 and DCT2244): first, try serial or 10006-Medium

    For Series2 TiVo DVRs, first, try using serial if the cable company has enabled it following the TiVo's article "Changing Channels on a DCT2000 Series Cable Box Using the Serial Control Cable". Although serial might not be any more reliable than optimally configured IR, serial is very easy to setup. In contrast, achieving the best possible IR configuration is not easy with these particular boxes.

    For Series1 TiVo DVRs, serial control is not officially supported. Those willing to modify their TiVo software can enable serial control by applying the serial-enabling hack described in the "HOWTO: Enabling serial control of some brands of digital cable boxes..." thread. Again, the cable company must have enabled the serial port on the cable box.

    However, some people have erratic channel changing behavior using serial (changes to correct channel, then changes again). dcorsi says to block the cable box from receiving IR since otherwise the box can still receive and be confused by stray IR. The poster used electrical tape, but foil blocks even more IR than electrical tape. Others have reported channel up/down getting out of sync, for which the recommendation is to power-cycle the cable box with the serial cable disconnected. Also, ylla reported that problems with the cable signal can cause digits to be dropped during channel changing problems when using serial. tomtul2 reported that unplugging both the cable box and TiVo for fifteen seconds can help when TiVo is sending incomplete channel changes via serial.

    If the cable company has not enabled serial control, according to sibble-comp, Motorola technical support says the cable company needs to send the "'app_if enable' command from their billing software" to the cable box. Then the cable company needs to reset the box.

    IR is not as reliable with this series of cable boxes as with others due to their underpowered CPUs; but with very careful setup, many people only miss a channel change every few months, which is comparable to the error rate over serial. jeffw_00 recommends using Enter Key: No because, with IR already being unreliable, the Enter key can cause missed channel changes when already on the target channel. pauly666 explained a number of old, technical details about these boxes, including why some need Enter Key: Yes while others don't and why some need 3 digits while others don't.

    For IR, first try 00093-Fast.

    If losing the first digit, see the general Motorola notes above. Note: The DCT2224 is less affected by this problem than the DCT2244.

    Building an IR tent/fort can help improve IR reliability greatly with these boxes, even if not experiencing the dropped first digit problem.

    6's in channel changes may stop working after a cable box firmware update. In this case, switch to 10006-Medium. The TiVo article "I Am Unable to Change to a Channel with the Number 6 in It" has detailed instructions.

    With the newer firmware, Syzygy recommends 10006-Slow, 3 digit, and Enter Key: No. Others have reported success with Xantech IR emitters (see links under "Useful Info Related to IR and Serial Control" below) and 10042-Slow. However, smark, from Comcast, and jeffw_00 strongly warn against using Slow because Slow can cause the box to reset.

    Eripper warns the IR port is not the remote LED light nor near it, writing "If you are looking at the face of your Motorola cable box[,] it is about an inch to the right of where [the] power light is. If you hold it up [to] the light you can see the IR port behind the tinted glass."

    thaspot suggests it may help to set the cable box to show only the channel and not the clock.

    bicker reports that some boxes change channels much more reliably than others of the same model. So, it is worthwhile to try exchanging boxes that have particular problems changing channels. Here's another post from bicker about the varying reliability of four DCT2000 series boxes.

    An on-line DCT2000 manual is available.

    According to Jeff Baumgartner, Assistant Editor of CED, "the DCT-2000 originally was intended to be a short-lived, migratory pit stop on the way to the more powerful DCT-5000. But massive integration issues with third-party software suppliers, coupled with sluggish movement in the iTV sector, all but buried the intial version of the 5000. Todays, with as many as 25 million units deployed, the DCT-2000 has evolved into a mainstay rather than its original purpose as a stopgap."

  • Motorola DCT2500 series (includes DCT2524): use serial

    Rwood writes, "It works great using the serial port", but also see this thread.

  • Motorola DCT5100:

    NowPlaying recommends 10006-Medium, 3 digit, and Enter Key: Yes.

    opchiasm recommends 10042-Fast, 3 digit, and Enter Key: No.

    mdscott recommends 10006-Fast and Enter Key: Yes with the IR blaster aligned "just a bit to the inside of the left edge of the plastic on the front of the 5100."

    Mike20878 writes that 10042-Slow and Enter Key: Yes "does not produce a black screen on channel changes".

    Syzygy recommends 10006-Slow, 3 digit, and Enter Key: No.

    hathaway65 reports that the same or similar flickering and/or color problems as have been commonly reported for the DCT6200 below also affect a small number of DCT5100's and that the DCT6200 workaround also works for DCT5100's. See the DCT6200 section below for more details.

    As indicated by the flickering issue a small number of DCT5100 owners have experienced, progressive output may work better than interlaced with certain boxes.

  • Motorola DCT6200 series:

    The DCT6200's are replacements for the DCT5100's.

    Note: If you have problems with video issues (flickering and/or incorrect colors across the top two-thirds of the picture), that can be caused by the cable company (incorrectly) loading DCT5100 software on a DCT6200 box. For more info, see Motorola's explanation and this possible workaround from ToddLassila. To be extra safe, unplug the cable box for a minute rather than just turning it off as described in that procedure.

    As indicated by the flickering issue many DCT6200 owners have experienced, progressive output may work better than interlaced with certain boxes. Dennis Wilkinson writes that this setting is probably just working around a cable box bug and not truly causing it to emit progressive output over S-Video.

    A number of non-TiVo owners have reported that firmware revision 7.07 fixes the flicker problem.

  • Motorola DCT6208 DVR: 00093-Fast, Enter Key: No

    Rumored to be capable of recording 7-10 hours of HD programming and/or 30 hours of SD programming.

  • Motorola DCT6408 DVR:

    The DCT6408 is a dual tuner DCT6208.

  • Motorola DSR/RG Series Cable Boxes:

    classicsat contributed some great info on DSR and RG series cable boxes.

    Some owner's might also have to reset the cable box's IR address to 000 using this procedure or this one.

    The notes for the DSR305/DSR410/DSR421CNM below probably apply to all DSR series boxes. classicsat writes, "they are all derivates of each other, and run basically the same software."

  • Motorola DSR305, DSR421CNM: General Instrument 10035-Medium
  • Motorola DSR410: General Instrument 10035-Medium

    classicsat experiences 100% compatibility with these boxes and offers some detailed info. However, another owner reports an error rate of ~25%.

    Yet another poster reports the box works well at slow or medium IR speed if using stick-on style IR emitters. (See links under "Useful Info Related to IR and Serial Control" below.) The IR sensor is "on the right of the display cover".

  • Motorola DSR470: General Instrument 10035-Medium/Fast

    kitsap found the IR emitters work well when placed over a and middle o of Motorola.

  • Motorola RG2000, RG2100, RG2200 (Qwest Choice TV):

    ⇒ See Next Level

  • Next Level RG2000, RG2100, RG2200 (Qwest Choice TV): 10005-Fast

    ⇒ See also this info, more info from alansh, and yet more info on Next Level and their RGxxxx boxes from classicsat.

  • Pace DC-510: Scientific Atlanta 00018-Fast
  • Pace DC550P: Scientific Atlanta 00018-Fast
  • Pace Micro DVR: unknown

    Unknown at this time. Probably the same as the Scientific Explorer 8000 series and Pioneer Voyager DVR series codes, which are also unknown. Possibly these include the Sky+ boxes, but it is unknown if those UK TiVo IR codes (20017 and 20010) are available for the U.S. models.

  • Philips DCX6172: preliminary recommendation: 10044-Medium, 3 digit, and Enter Key: Yes

    Ely reports "After a lot of hassle and experimentation, numerous calls to Surewest and to TIVO here is what I found. Some Philips boxes are overly sensitive, so changing boxes may help you out." However, earlier, a provider had said it currently is not compatible.

  • Pioneer Voyager 1000/3000 series: Scientific Atlanta 00018-Fast

    Includes the Voyager BD-V1000 series and BD-V3501. It might include the 3510HD. These boxes are made by Scientific Atlanta, so be sure to read the notes for that manufacturer. As dlatner reported, the warning that Scientific Atlanta boxes "will not operate if the signal is too strong" applies to these boxes, too.

    Pioneer Digital Home Terminal BD-V1000 Series Operating Instructions

  • Pioneer Voyager DVR series: unknown

    Includes the Voyager 4000 HD-DVR.

    Unknown at this time. Probably the same as the Scientific Explorer 8000 series and Pace Micro DVR series codes, which are also unknown. Possibly the codes are the same as for Sky+ boxes, but it is unknown if those UK TiVo IR codes (20017 and 20010) are available for the U.S. models.

  • Quanta QCR2221: 10042-Medium

    See RCN's tips that andymack kindly posted.

    Additionally, preliminary indications are that it's a less reliable version of the DCT2000 series with custom firmware. As such, the tips in the general Motorola notes and DCT2000 series entry above should help with this box, too.

    Finally, see RCN/Quanta thread for some old info.

  • Ranger 5000:

    Use Clearmax codes.

  • RCA/Thomson DSL1500: RCA 10072-Fast
  • Scientific Atlanta Cable Boxes:

    An Audioplex technical bulletin warns that Scientific Atlanta boxes "are very sensitive to IR signal strengths and will not operate if the signal is too strong. Installers have found that rather than placing an individual emitter directly over the Scientific Atlanta IR sensor, it works better if the unit receives signals … from the reflected signal of emitters placed on nearby components within the cabinet."

    To see the diagnostics pages on Scientific Atlanta Explorer boxes, press and hold the button in the center of the channel/volume buttons on the cable box until the envelope lights. Press the INFO button on the remote. The diagnostics pages contain signal quality info and other goodies that might be useful to know.

    Some Scientific Explorer boxes now have the option to turn on when they sense a channel change. If you have such a box, you should enable this option.

  • Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2000, 2100, 2200, 3000, 3100, 3100HD, 3250, 4200: 00018-Fast, 3 digit, and Enter Key: No

    The foreign supplier of Scientific Atlanta's 3100HD, 3250, and 4200 boxes has tuned them to 37.8KHz instead of the ~57KHz used by most Scientific Atlanta boxes. It is unknown if foreign-supplied Scientific Atlanta boxes are compatible with TiVo (possibly they use the 00995 UK code, which might not be available to U.S. TiVos). Fortunately, such boxes from Scientific Atlanta's foreign supplier are uncommon in the U.S.

    At least one cable provider has recently added a single four digit channel, which does not need to be tuned by the TiVo DVR. In this case, use 00018-Fast, 3 digit, and Enter Key: Yes.

    A while back, cable provider Brighthouse in Florida started to use 4-digit channels (but may have backed out). So long as the first digit is a zero, TiVo is still compatible, but the channel changing is very slow. innocentfreak reports 00049-Fast works. TiVo is now recommending this code, too.

    Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2000 and 3000 series, Pioneer Voyager series, and Pace boxes all run the PowerTV OS and middleware, which are capable of processing HTTP, HTML, and Java.

    Some Scientific Explorer boxes now have the option to turn on when they sense a channel change. If you have such a box, you should enable this option.

  • Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3250HD: 00018-Fast, 3 digit, and Enter Key: No

    Some areas use 00049-Fast instead of 00018-Fast.

    See the notes immediately above for the other Explorer models. There are reports that channel changing with the 3250HD is less reliable than with the other Explorer models, however.

  • Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8000 series: compatible

    According to markandjenn, the SA8000 is compatible. ellinj warns that the SA8000 can wind up stuck on a screen from which TiVo can't change.

    bkdtv warns that the SA8000HD doesn't output HD and SD output simultaneously (which means HD needs to be disabled when using it with TiVo) and that some (software) versions don't even output 480i to S-Video and composite.

    Beware that many 8000 series boxes running newer versions of SARA have an auto-shutoff after idle period in the middle of the night feature that will cause problems.

  • Scientific Atlanta 8580:

    There's a post saying it has no problems.

  • Scientific Atlanta 8600: 00018-Fast, 2 digit
  • Scientific Atlanta 8610:

    mdupont_2000 posted it works, but others have had problems.

    Since it is an analog-only box, a partial workaround is to put it in standby.

    Leon WIlkinson reports the Ranger 5000 can be used as a replacement for the SA 8610.

  • Sony DHG-M55CB: 10050-Medium, Enter Key: No

    stevel further writes, "It may also work with a direct connection between the IR Out jack on the TiVo and the 'IR Receiver' jack on the cable box, if it's like Sony CTRL-S inputs. This would mean a cable with a 1/8" mono phone plug on each end - Radio Shack sells these. I did not have an opportunity to try this." rsnaider reports that channel changes are very accurate with this box and that Fast also works well.

  • UEC Technologies DCD2200i: Motorola 10006-Medium/Fast

    According to mothracon, Motorola codes 60074-Medium and Fast work but not well. TiVo recommends 10006, 10042, or 10046 for now, but again they are not reliable. TiVoBill confirms that this box currently has problems working with TiVo.

    A new member reports that Motorola 10006-Fast works well with a Xantech IR emitter "right above the : in the digital time display".

    CleaDeb reports that an IR tent/fort helps greatly with channel-changing reliability. See the links at the end for tips on building IR tent/forts.

    RCN Chicago recommends the following: "choose either Motorola or General Instruments for the cable box; and use 00258, 10042, or 00042 with a medium pulse width. Only connect one of the IR blasters as far away as the length of the IR blaster will allow measured even with the remote sensor on the box."

    Scratchy reports that some boxes are better at changing channels than others, so try exchanging boxes that don't work reliably even after trying all these tips. The thread also has information on revisions that work better or worse.

    TiVo is apparently now recommending Clearview 10019 as an IR code for these boxes.

    More and more, it sounds like these boxes are modified Motorola DCT2000 series cable boxes, so also see the general notes for Motorola boxes and the specific tips in the DCT2000 section.

  • Viewmaster 4000: Orbit 10017-Fast
  • Virtual Box Cobra Deluxe: Orbit 10017-Fast
  • Vision 20/20, VX4000, VM4000, VM4000+: Orbit 10017
  • Vortex View: Orbit [1]0017
  • Zenith DET-MMDS2-BLS8: 10013-Fast, 3 digits
Satellite Receivers
  • DirecTV D10 Receivers:
  • DirecTV D10-100:

    See Thomson below.

  • DirecTV D10-200, D10-300, D10-400: 10074

    As noted by poster ClearToLand, the home control cable does not necessarily work with these models. According to TiVo, some do not have that port activated or are missing the port entirely, but IR code 10074 should work.

  • DirecTV H10: 10074

    DirecTV believes the IR is exactly the same as for the D10 models, although there is some evidence this is not the case. Note that enabling RF control will prevent the IR (default) from working properly. "To change RF functionality go the System Setup screen, choose REMOTE in the left menu. Select IR/RF Setup button and follow the on screen instructions."

    Serial control does not work.

  • DISH Receivers:

    Compatible with DISH Network receivers that support IR control (except when DISH introduces software bugs†). For further info on specific models, see their entries below, TiVo's article "Does the DVR Support Dish Network/EchoStar?", and the TiVo Forum FAQ's entry "Dish Network (EchoStar) receiver compatibility".

    DISH/EchoStar receivers stop accepting digits for channel changes after being tuned to an unsubscribed channel, leaving the receiver stuck on with a "You do not subscribe to this channel" error screen. Therefore, it is important to remove unsubscribed channels from Channels You Receive. To recover from this stuck state, use channel up/down on the DISH remote.

    † The cautious might want to keep an eye on DISH Network's software upgrade page. Be especially careful with turning off the receiver since that can help allow automatic software upgrades.

    Use Enter Key: No. Otherwise, 9xx channels cannot be tuned.

    For those comfortable making hardware modifications, most non-IR DISH, EchoStar, HTS, and JVC receivers can be made to receive IR using Carlton Bale's Dish IR Upfit procedure.

    Also, according to JAB, "Always, always, always get a dual LNB system. In fact, you should consider getting the larger Dish 500 dish, since it may be required to get your locals or other desirable programming, and it supports at least two satellite receivers out-of-the-box."

    In general, according to Mark Lamutt, a moderator of DBSTalk.com, "all Dish Network IR codes are the same, except for the dishplayer." Nevertheless, users have reported that certain codes work better or do not work with certain DISH receivers.

  • DISH 301: EchoStar 10001-Fast, Enter Key: No

    EchoStar 10043-Medium, Enter Key: No also works well.

    See this post for special advice on positioning the IR emitters for the DISH 301.

  • DISH 322/522: EchoStar 10001-Fast

    Be sure the receiver is set to remote address 1.

    al_bburn writes "All seems to work ok with one very irritating exception. The 322 schedules a daily call to get program guide information and check for software updates. When its done, it power cycles itself and instead of just going to a channel, it displays 'Press Select to Continue'. Grrrrrrr. Tivo cannot change the channel because it cannot press select."

    Peterod has found the following workaround: "I have the 322 set for a 4am update connection. […] What I did was add a daily timer to 'AutoTune' the 322 to any sub'ed channel at 5am. The 322 is tuned at that time to the selected timer and the 'Select Button' screen is reset." If both of the 322's tuners are being used with TiVo, apply the workaround to both.

    gl9500 posts a wealth of other helpful DISH 322 tips, including dealing with potential screensaver issues. chuckdfoster reports that for DISH 522s, AutoTune (see previous paragraph) works around the screensaver issue.

    Another suggestion is to disable the daily updates and always leave the receiver on.

  • DISH DishPVR 508: 10001/10011/10043-Fast
  • DISH DishPVR 508: 10011 or 10002, Enter Key: No

    See this thread. Uses a UHF remote.

  • DISH Model 2000-7200: ⇒ see EchoStar
  • EchoStar DISH Receivers:

    See below for further info on specific models. Also see general notes for DISH receivers above.

  • DISH 811: 10011-Medium or 10011-Fast
  • Dream Multimedia DreamBox DM500: 20055
  • EchoStar Model 2000:

    Older "Deluxe" models are INCOMPATIBLE w/o upfit. Older non-Deluxe models may be INCOMPATIBLE even with upfit. Newer 2000 models may have IR and be compatible.

  • EchoStar Model 2700, 3700, 2800:

    After the 7.95 upgrade, IR might no longer be compatible. However, Sparkman87 reports that 10011-Medium still works.

    This is not a limited rollout: receivers set to download new updates should have gotten it automatically Nov 25th 2003. See the general notes about trying to delay getting software upgrades.

    Up to version 7.69, Sparkman87 recommended 10011-Medium worked.

  • EchoStar Model 3000: 10001-Slow

    ycartf recommended pointing the IR emitter directly at the box's IR sensor and only ½" away. ycartf reports a Xantech blink IR emitter works very reliably.

  • EchoStar Model 3200, 40xx, 41xx, 42xx, 45xx: most INCOMPATIBLE w/o upfit

    Some unusual Model 4000 receivers have an IR input jack in the back panel.

  • EchoStar Model 3800, 3900: 10001-Medium, Enter Key: No

    Dave Hicks recommends an IR fort with a "highly reflective interior".

    However, one user was unable to change to channels 500-999 unless using code EchoStar 10011-Fast instaead.

  • EchoStar Model 4700, 4900, 4922:

    For the Model 4900, DISH 10011 "works flawlessly". A number of other posts have also reported that the Model 4900 is compatible with TiVo.

  • EchoStar Model 5000:

    Serial number BTFxxxxx and earlier receivers are UHF-only and INCOMPATIBLE w/o upfit. BTHxxxx and later are compatible.

  • EchoStar Model 6000/6000U: 10011-Medium

    If you don't already have it, install the 7.83 update, now available at DISH Network's software upgrade page. This is not a limited rollout: all Model 6000's set to download new updates should have gotten it automatically Thu Nov 13 16:00 UTC 2003.

    The 7.80-7.81 upgrades that went out to many owners (first reported here by 8vsb owners who got 7.80) caused severe IR control problems. These problems were, in fact, not limited to TiVo owners. Assorted universal remotes and some models of ReplayTV were also affected. Some (but not most) Dish owners stated that after 7.80, they couldn't use various Dish remotes reliably either. One person reported that the front panel buttons on the Model 6000 were also affected. See the "OFFICIAL 6000 Remote Bug RESPONSE from Dish Network" thread and this post from DBSTalk.Com for more info.

  • EchoStar DishPlayer 7100, 7200:

    JAB recommends against these models, saying "I don't recommend using the Dishplayer 7100 or 7200 with a TiVo. Although TiVo has the IR codes, the Dishplayers are easily left in modes where they won't respond properly to IR or won't provide a full screen picture."

  • GE GRD33G2A, GRD33G3A: probably works but unconfirmed

    Has port for serial w/ adapter.

  • HTS 3500, 4500, 5500: ⇒ see EchoStar 3000/4000/5000

    The HTS 3500, 4500, and 5500 have the same internal hardware as the EchoStar 3000, 4000, and 5000, respectively.

  • Hughes DirecTV Receivers:

    The TiVo Forum FAQ's "DirecTV receiver compatibility" entry says "Be sure the serial port port is set to Data Port or Low Speed Data mode (not Home Control / X10), to be compatible with TiVo's serial port."

    See below for further info on specific models.

  • Hughes Director GAEB0: 10020-Medium works

    See TiVoJerry's special IR emitter positioning instructions for the GAEB0.

    Serial does NOT work.

    floridaboy discovered that 00137-Fast works reliably in combination with a short 2' 3.5mm stereo cable and 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter (which can be bought at RadioShack) to connect TiVo to the GAEB0's RF-extender port. However, no other users have confirmed this information and there might be risk of damage from this procedure.

  • Hughes Director HBH-SA: no serial port, 10020-Medium

    A single IR emitter head works well.

  • Hughes Executive Director GCEB0: use home control cable

    The GCEB0A is a newer generation product than the GCEB0.

  • Hughes Executive Director GCEB0A: use home control cable w/ APG
  • Hughes Executive Director HAH-SA: use serial w/ APG
  • Hughes HIRD-B1, HIRD-C2, HIRD-D01, HIRD-D2, HIRD-D11, HIRD-D25, HIRD-E11, HIRD-E25, HIRD-E61: no serial port

    May be incompatible but unconfirmed.

  • Hughes HIRD-B2:

    Has no serial port.

    According to the TiVo Forum FAQ's "DirecTV receiver compatibility" entry, "With IR control, some people have had trouble with channel changes being interrupted if made at the top of the hour, but other people have not had this problem."

  • Hughes HIRD-B3: probably works but unconfirmed

    Has port for serial w/ adapter.

  • Hughes HIRD-B4: probably works but unconfirmed

    Has port for serial w/ adapter and maybe a plain serial port, too.

  • Hughes HIRD-D45: probably works but unconfirmed

    Has serial port.

  • Hughes HTL-HD: 10076 and 10077

    This unit is nearly identical to the Sony SAT-HD300. If 10076 and 10077 do not work, try 00072, 00137, and 10020. 10076 and 10077 are for the default remote address.

    Serial does not work with TiVo software version 7.2. It will be restored in the next software version.

  • Hughes Platinum HIRD-E45: probably works but unconfirmed

    According to JAB, "If you get a Hughes, get [this model]. However, that's fairly expensive, so you should probably consider the cheapest RCA you can find." However, this quote is probably obsolete.

    Has serial port.

  • Hughes Platinum HIRD-E86 (aka HIRD-E86 HD, E86 HD):

    gilvelez and another use report 00072-Fast works "just fine". However, previously, in the same thread, tivoknucklehead has reported trying codes and only successfully changing channels "75% of the time". Furthermore, according to tivoknucklehead, TiVo did not support the HIRD-E86 at the time of that post.

  • JVC HM-DSR100U (HM-DSR100DU, HM-DSR100RU): most INCOMPATIBLE w/o upfit

    For those comfortable making hardware modifications, use Carlton Bale's JVC D-VHS IR Upfit procedure for these models.

  • JVC TU-3500SU, TU-4500DU, TU-5500DU: see EchoStar 3000, 4000, 5000
  • other JVC DISH receivers: see notes under DISH above
  • LG Electronics LSS-3200A (aka LG LSS-3200A): 10075

    This unit is nearly identical to the Sony SAT-HD300.

    Serial support does not work at this time for DVRs with software version 7.2.

  • Memorex MSD5000: ⇒ see Uniden UDS-100
  • Mitsubishi SR-HD5: ⇒ see Hughes HIRD-E86
  • (Radio Shack) Optimus 5100: ⇒ see Uniden UDS-100
  • Panasonic TU-HDS20, TZ-DRD100: no serial port

    May be incompatible but unconfirmed.

  • Panasonic TU-IRD10: probably works but unconfirmed

    Has port for serial w/ adapter.

  • Panasonic TU-IRD20: probably works but unconfirmed

    Has port for serial w/ adapter and maybe a plain serial port, too.

  • Panasonic TZ-DBS01: INCOMPATIBLE

    no serial port nor working IR code

  • Philips DSK2060S: ⇒ see EchoStar 2700
  • Philips 2800: ⇒ see EchoStar 2800
  • Philips DSK3261: ⇒ see EchoStar 3900
  • Philips 4016: ⇒ see EchoStar 4700
  • Philips 4261: ⇒ see EchoStar 4900
  • Philips DSH D800R: Hughes 10020-Medium
  • Philips DSX5150, DSX5350, DSX5353, DSX5375: no serial port

    May be incompatible but unconfirmed.

  • Philips DSX5250: 10038-Medium
  • Philips DSX5353: 10038-Medium

    wscannell writes,"It is difficult to tell where the IR [receiver is] on this box. I use both IR emitters placed at either end of the 'Digital Multi-Satellite Receiver' label on the box. This works most of the time. It does have occasional misses of one number."

  • Philips DSX5500C, DSX5540C: 10064- and 10065-Medium, Enter Key: Yes

    TiVoBill replied that receivers with new firmware are now compatible. Receivers "with ML-3 hardware versions and above" are believed by TiVo to have the new firmware. See his post for full details.

    Receivers running old firmware should not be used. They are incompatible with (most) TiVos. No good IR code exists: repeated digits are dropped (toggle bit problem).

    There is additionally one report the DSX5500 works with a Sony Series2 TiVo using code 10038-Medium.

  • Proscan PRD8630A: probably works but unconfirmed

    For IR, perhaps try RCA codes.

    Has port for serial w/ adapter and maybe a plain serial port, too.

  • Proscan PRD8650B: probably works but unconfirmed

    For IR, perhaps try RCA codes.

    Has serial port.

  • Proscan PS-HD105: no serial port

    May be incompatible but unconfirmed. Try RCA IR codes.

  • RCA DP301: ⇒ see DISH 301
  • RCA DirecTV Receivers:

    Use APG for models ending in "RG".

    See below for further info on specific models. Note: To prevent this section from being enormous, RCA receivers are grouped by compatibility rather than being in strict alphanumeric order.

  • RCA DRD102RW, DRD303RA: use serial w/ adaptor
  • RCA DRD202RA, DRD302RA, DRD403RA, DRD703RA, NRD112NW, NRD313NA, NRD412NA: probably works but unconfirmed

    Has port for serial w/ adapter.

  • RCA DRD203RW: IR works, code unknown

    Serial may not work.

  • RCA DRD221RD, DRD223RD, DRD225RD, NRD215ND: probably works but unconfirmed

    Has port for home control cable.

  • RCA DRD221RE: use serial (perhaps home control cable is meant)

    Set port to "Low Speed Data".

  • RCA DRD222RD: use home control cable
  • RCA DRD420RE: use home control cable

    Some people got a bad cable from TiVo, with a consequent inability to change channels. TiVo will replace the cable, or you can rewire it yourself.

    IR works badly.

  • RCA DRD430RE, DRD460RE, DRD480RE: might work but unconfirmed
  • RCA DRD430RG: use home control cable w/ APG

    IR also works.

  • RCA DRD435RH: use home control cable w/ APG

    IR works, but the code is unknown.

    Others have reported the warm reboot over serial problem described above, possibly from not using APG, which is not the default.

  • RCA DRD440RE: use serial w/ MPG
  • RCA DRD450RG: use home control cable w/ APG

    For IR, mdbasinger found that 10009 seems to work best, although she still has problems changing to channel 5 (probably a receiver problem).

    Had the warm reboot over serial problem described above.

  • RCA DRD455RH: IR works badly
  • RCA DRD470RG: use serial w/ APG
  • RCA DRD480RG: probably works w/ APG but unconfirmed
  • RCA DRD485RG: use serial w/ APG
  • RCA DRD486RH:

    Has a low speed data port. Compatibility is unknown. So far, MRSIDING has been unsuccessful.

  • RCA DRD502RB: use serial

    Serial and IR work, with the IR code believed to be 00001-Medium.

  • RCA DRD503RB, DRD503RBC, DRD505RB, DRD523RB, DRD705RB, NRD513NB: probably works but unconfirmed

    Has serial port.

    DRD503RBC (w/ MPG) sometimes loses channel changing ability until reboot?

  • RCA DTC-100: no serial port

    May be incompatible but unconfirmed.

  • Samsung SIR-S60W, SIR-S70, SIR-S75: no serial port

    May be incompatible but unconfirmed.

  • Samsung SIR-S300W: 10060-Medium
  • Samsung SIR-TS-160: 10062-Fast
  • Samsung SIR-TS-360: 10068 and Enter Key: Yes

    A TiVo CS engineer wrote to use 10068 or 10069 with Enter Key Yes. That last is very important: You must choose Yes for the Enter Key setting! It might also be necessary to set the SIR-TS-360 "Remote type" setting to "IR only" instead of "IR & RF".

    10069 is a shortened version of the 10068 code with a working Enter key, but it does not work for everyone.

    The SIR-TS-360 also appears to have many non-TiVo issues. The AVS Forum has a long Master Samsung 360 topic with many bugs reported and some workarounds.

  • Sony DirecTV Receivers:

    Series 3 and older receivers including A1-A3, B1-B3, and some A50's, A55's, and B50's drop the serial connection if rebooted simultaneously with TiVo. Reboot the receiver and use a UPS to avoid the problem in the future.

    There's also one report of erratic channel changing behavior with a Sony SAT-B55 receiver due to heat.

    See below for further info on specific models.

  • Sony SAT-A1, SAT-A2: use serial w/ adapter

    Might also have port for serial w/o adapter.

  • Sony SAT-B1, SAT-B2: use serial w/ adaptor
  • Sony SAT-A3, SAT-A4, SAT-B3: use serial
  • Sony SAT-A50:

    According to timf, use serial for receivers built after 12/99. Receivers built before 12/99 have an inactive serial port.

  • Sony SAT-A55, SAT-B55: use serial
  • Sony SAT-A65:

    Compatible via IR, but the code has not been reported.

    Has data port for a home control cable, but this has not been tested and might not work.

  • Sony SAT-A65A:

    See also the SAT-A65 above.

    Reportedly has port for home control cable and uses APG.

  • Sony SAT-B50:

    According to timf, use serial for receivers built after 12/99. Receivers built before 12/99 have an inactive serial port.

    Some have problems with high-numbered channels while others are fine.

  • Sony SAT-B65: no serial port
  • SAT-HD100: probably works but unconfirmed

    Has serial port.

  • Sony SAT-HD200: use IR

    Serial control is not directly possible. (Serial works with the assistance of a device to convert TiVos commands to those the SAT-HD200 can understand. This post describes William C. McCain's setup for serial control of the SAT-HD200, with more technical details here.)

    This receiver cannot output HD and SD simultaneously.

    A working IR code has never been confirmed. Axtell reports there might be no working code after all.

  • Sony SAT-HD300: use serial w/ APG

    TiVo DVRs with 7.2 software should use IR. This is a side effect of the fix for the D10-100 upgrade problem, and DirecTV has been notified about the issue. For now, DVRs with 7.2 software should use IR codes 105 or 10051 (be sure IR is enabled on the DirecTV receiver).

  • Thomson/DirecTV D10-100: 10074 or the TV Translator w/ MPG

    With the latest software update, D10-100 receivers can no longer change to local channels using the home control cable. DirecTV's offical spokesperson has said DirecTV is pursuing a fix. The latest software update also introduced a screensaver, which interferes with recording for those using home control cables with the APG protocol. For now, the recommendation is to use IR code 10074.

    For those not happy with IR, Paterson Tech has released a firmware update for their TV Translator that supposedly deals with both the protocol change and the screensaver issue!

    See DirecTV D10 entry above for other D10 models.

  • Toshiba DST-3000: Hughes 00072-Fast

    no serial port

  • Toshiba TSR101, TSR102, TSR202: probably works but unconfirmed

    For IR, perhaps try RCA codes.

    Has serial port.

  • Uniden UDS-100:

    Use serial w/ adaptor, but "communication with these receivers is unreliable", although this hasn't been confirmed for TiVo's limited use (just channel changing may be OK).

  • Voom: General Instrument 10035
  • Zenith HD-SAT520: ⇒ see Sony SAT-HD200
  • Zenith HD-SAT530: ⇒ see LG Electronics LSS-3200A

    Zenith's parent company, LG Electronics, decided that all future high definition products will be under the "LG" name with "Zenith" used only for budget products. Hence, the Zenith HD-SAT530 was renamed to the LG LSS-3200A.
Additional information for some boxes may be found in the posts below.

Useful Info Related to IR and Serial Control A final possibility for incompatible cable/satellite boxes is to use a program like Girder to convert IR codes. Teach Girder to accept one set of IR commands (Scientific Atlanta's have been recommended, at least for non-satellite use) and output the codes for your cable/satellite box. Then, just tell TiVo you have a Scientific Atlanta cable box.


Thanks go to those from whom this information has been compiled, including the posters below, the TiVo Forum FAQ and its contributors, TiVo themselves, Kevin Timmerman's DirecTV Serial Control Utility, and Carlton Bale's DishNetwork Upfits.

Finally, here's a shameless plug for the free C/J/K Dramas in California board, where I also volunteer a lot of time.


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Next Level RG2000, RG2100, RG2200 (Qwest Choice TV). 3-digit, no enter, 10005-Fast. Qwest has a nice web page on setting up a DVR, including placement of the IR blasters. I have never had a failed channel change. I have the RG2000 and taped the blaster to the bottom of the cable box, peeking over the lower edge at the IR port.

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Originally posted by ccwf
JPriller, is this the old Director (HBH-SA) or the newer one (GAEB0) or some other model I am unaware of?
Works for the HBH-SA, should also work for the GAEB0. I got the code from an old post on the GAEB0 I came across here. I was under the impression the HBH-SA was the newer of the two, though.

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It would be nice if we could have this pinned to the top as it is very useful.

I too am one of the new owners of the RCA model DRD435RH. I bought this unit, after the reading the posts here which said that any of the new RCA receivers would support serial control from a TiVo. Has anyone got this working? Is IR the only way to control this box ? I hope not. If yes, what are the IR codes? Does anyone have the info abt the other new RCA box DRD455RH ?

I was also wondering if anyone had the Sony SATHD200 or the Zenith HDSAT520 HDTV Receivers. Can they be controlled using the serial port ? If not what is their IR codes?


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Old: Motorola DCT2000 from Comcast (when it was AT&T Broadband)
• 3 digits, No enter key, 10006 Slow

New: Motorola DCT5100 hi-def box from Comcast
• 3 digits, No enter key, 10006 Slow

I didn't have to change anything. However, I tested the IR blaster with this new box for only about one day. My SA TiVo degraded the quality too much to use it for any of the already-too-compressed SD digital channels (which the 2000 delivered better than the 5100 does), or with the high-quality HD channels either.

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count me as one of the " some people have erratic channel changing behavior using serial (changes to correct channel, then changes again)." when using the morolota dct2224 box

i can get it to work for a few days by power down and reboot both the tivo and the cable box at the same time, but you never know how long it wil work for. until i can get it fix i'm using a blster that is glued on and the code 10042

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I have the Hughes Director GAEBO. I have it set to Medium, using the IR blasters. I was having horrible luck with those on and off. And believe it or not, I unplugged the IR blasters and it still changes the channels even with a lot better accuracy. I'm thinking though of getting a new Satellite box with a serial cable.


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I recently posted a warning on another thread regarding the inability to control most DirecTv receivers with a serial control cable. I hate IR and purchased a Hughes GAEBOA receiver because it had a low speed data port. In addition, it was inexpensive especially compared to the Sony "A" series receivers with a low speed date port. Using a serial control cable purchased from TIVO I was unable to control program changes. I searched this site and found a post that the low speed data port for the GAEBOA unit was not activated to do anything!! Willing to bite the bullet regarding the cost of a Sony unit (all my equipment is Sony) I e-mailed its help site and was told that the Sony unit can not be controlled by a serial connection from TIVO. So, I give up. I can't stand IR and can't find a serial connection that will work other than some indications that the RCA will. Now posts on this thread lend doubt to that assertion. In the meantime, my technician recommends living with IR until the HD Direct TIVO comes out. In the meantime, I have a Sony A-50 DirectV receiver which is controlled perfectly by my SA Series 2 Sony TIVO using a parallel like connector which came with my series 1 Sony TIVO.

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Originally posted by leighnjo
I recently posted a warning on another thread regarding the inability to control most DirecTv receivers with a serial control cable. I hate IR and purchased a Hughes GAEBOA receiver because it had a low speed data port. In addition, it was inexpensive especially compared to the Sony "A" series receivers with a low speed date port.
ccwf: this is kind of what I was talking about re: low speed data port. I'm thinking this might be possible.

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Originally posted by Tsiehta
[leighnjo's post] is kind of what I was talking about re: low speed data port. I'm thinking this might be possible.
What model Sony receiver do you have? Are you saying it has separate low-speed data and serial ports? Or does it just have one port, and you want to (somehow) try both cables with it?

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it's a Sony SAT B50

There's a serial port AND another port right next to it called "VCR Control" which I'm thinking is a low-speed data port. It's a standard one-pin plug port, looks like the low-speed cable would fit into it.

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Sorry, reading the SAT-B50 manual, I don't see any sign that that port can be used to control the receiver. It appears to be used only to allow the receiver to control a VCR.

Let me know if you get any further information on the problem with changing high-numbered channels. In the meantime, are you using IR or serial?
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