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jrm01 said:
I may have been spending too much time in the sun lately, but I actually believe that Comcast is trying to improve it's pricing and service for Tivo users. I think that this has started since the Tivo/Comcast alliance for providing Tivo software for the Comcast DVR.

While on my local AVS Comcast site I received this response from someone who supposedly had a friend "high up in Comcast":

Comcast has also provided specific links on their website for Tivo users:


Part of their problem is trying to absorb their new former-TW customers, and changing those billing systems over to the Comcast system.

I have never been a Comcast apologist (see my signature), but I do sense an improvement, and can only hope that it continues.

Contrary to what some have stated here, the Comcast executives are not idiots. They are well respected in the business community and are successfully growing their business.

I will now put on my suit of armor, raise my shield and wait for the arrows to fall.
I concur. While Comcast has been slow to get up to speed on cablecard installations, I get the sense that they want to improve. I have received three follow-up calls from Comcast to ensure that my installation issues have been resolved. The call from the supervisor on Sunday really helped me to believe that they want to make this a better experience going forward (of course the looming competitive threat of Verizon Fios that could also supply my Internet, TV, and phone service helps).
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