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You have to remember. Cable companies are owned & opperated mostly by those of the "old Gaurd". They think & opperate in the old ways of doing business.

It is all about the bottom line. How much money can they make. They don't always see the whole picture of what should be done to make them the most money.

Its like Coal Mine owners. They try to mine coal for as cheaply as possible. They cut corners whereever they can. Even by not following federal laws. In hopes they can make a few extra bucks.

However, as soon as their is a mine accident (like the one in the news) the mine comes to a complete halt & in the long run. It costs them more money then it would have to begin with.

What am I saying? Just cause your Rich & you own or opperate a major corporation doesn't mean your still not a DUMB ASS!


I agree with you 100%
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