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moyekj said:
It's obviously well documented in this forum and elsewhere the general apathy and sometimes outright hostility cable company representatives behave towards Tivo users trying to get their Tivo working properly with CableCards. But, if they stopped to look at the bigger picture it's actually a good thing they have customers such as us. For many Tivo users in order to minimize service fees we are committing to 3-year contracts with Tivo which also means we are in essence committing to 3 years of continued cable service instead of switching over to satellite (more if the solution is working well for you). Therefore they should be thrilled to have a customer base that is locked into their cable TV service with further disincentives to switch to Satellite.

So next time you get "attitude" from cable company representatives it may help to mention this point to them...
good point!
Alan :D
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