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Cable Card Swap

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I'm swapping cable cards from my Tivo Premiere to my new Premiere Elite. I had to call my local cable company (Insight Communications, Lex KY), and of course, they are completely inept at dealing with Cable Cards. The guy re-paired, and sent out a hit. Some channels are working, and some aren't. I don't have any premium channels. The channels that aren't working seem to be completely random. Several HD channels, for instance seem to be borked, but at least one other that I was able to get to worked just fine.

When I set the Premiere up, I had this same problem. I called Tivo, and they walked me through the menu and found the problem in a couple minutes. Unfortunately, I'm currently stuck loading the first update. My cable company closes in about 20 minutes. Don't guess anyone has any ideas on what to tell them, do they? Otherwise, I'll just have to hope this update is installed in the next couple minutes. :(
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CSR roulette. I had an issue with Charter where the cable card was activated but not the TA, its one of them deals try, try, try again.
Activate the cable card it something trial and error, my TW installer takes more than 30 minutes to do dealing with the Central office.
I finally got through the setup, and ran it by TiVo's tech support. He ran through all the diagnostic screens, and said that the box didn't get a clean authorization signal. He said to have them re-pair, and re-authorize the card. Unfortunately, the late night staff for the tech support is apparently limited in what they can actually do. They sent out another authorization, but it did nothing. So I figure I'll call them back during regular operating hours, and have them re-pair and re-authorize. I asked this lady if she had done that and she said, "I sent the signal out, which is all we can do with the cable cards. It could take up to 10 minutes". So either I got an extremely unhelpful person, or they aren't full tech workers.

It turns out that the random HD channels I was getting are the network channels. Because Insight apparently doesn't encrypt their network channels. No authorization required.

The TiVo rep recognized the problem when he saw Auth: CAD, which apparently stands for "Channel Authorization Denied" instead of S/N "Subscribed"/"Not Subscribed" on one of the diagnostic pages.
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