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Cable Card - Slot 2 - Error

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I just returned from a one week vacation and my TiVo HD said that there was an error with the cable card in Slot 2. The tuner associated with slot 2 does not function.

For the heck of it, I removed the card and plugged it back in. It started working again. It has been fine for 2 days now.

I know there was a thunderstorm while I was away.

I have Cablevision of Long Island with NDS Cards.

Any idea on what could cause this? Is it reason to be concerned?
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Same thing happened to me.

I am also with cablevision on LI.

It was the software update. After I did the software update and the tivo rebooted CC2 didn't work. Removed and reinserted the card and repeated guided setup. No problems since.

Apparently TiVo isn't testing the RDS cards as much as the SA and motorola cards.
Mine is still working fine. Something to keep in mind for future updates.
Turned the TV on this morning and had the same error with slot 2. I don't think there was a software update this time. Unplugging the card and reinserting it did the trick. Not sure why this is happening.

Also, after this issue, I did a restart and both cable cards registered with errors. Had to remove them both and reinsert them. After rerunning guided setup, everything appears fine.

Am I correct that this is a TiVo issue and not a cablevision issue?
Couldn't find a suitable thread to post to so dropped my post here..

I taped the Nascar race of sunday last...

At lap 48, during playback the Cable Card 1 screen popped up, indicating this...

Under the Host ID screen,

In order to start service for this device. please contact customer service at Ph# for Authorizatiom Cal "sp error" Authorization Received

CableCard(tm): 0-010-***-***-***

HOST ID:0-350-***-***-***

After 5 seconds of this screen the race reappeared at the point it had left off?

This is the first time this has appeared either with watching live TV or a recorded program...

I hate sittin on the phone, while placed on hold, listening to that dang music of Tivo's... :(
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