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To any future TiVo users and Comcast Customers. Learn from this situation I just had:
I gave a Roamio to a relative, remembering how easy it was to setup the first time I set it up at my home (I had multiple tv devices that I eventually turned in and used minis)...Well I didn't realize that it's not so easy if you have 1 line with DVR service and no other lines connected. They couldn't get premium channels or on-demand working on the Roamio that I used.
The Comcast hotline (not the number on the receipt they keep telling you to call but 877-405-2298) kept saying it was scanned in as a cable box and not a cable card (they said for every cable card...) Don't let them bring in a technician (Unless you really want to, but they rarely know anything).
I finally went in for the 4th time and requested a SECOND cable card not an exchange. Later they'll turn in the other one, but insist on two the first time if you only have one line. After that it paired nicely, got premium channels, but no on demand. For some reason they had the wrong address (small mistake was calling from my phone not theirs). After some initial BS about not the right equipment and only having a 1 way cable card they finally sent the signal to the card for on demand. (make sure the card is on the right address/account number).

Learn from my mistakes.
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