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Cable Card question

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Hello all. I have been reading these forums for a bit and since I have a question that I haven't seen posted, I decided to register. I want to apologize for my stupidity in advance. I am not a tech savvy person.

My HD just died a slow horrible death and decided to get a Premiere XL. Before I set it up, I need to know if I can use the same cable card that was in my previous unit. Also, would I need to call the cable company to activate the cable card, being that is was already activated?

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It depends on your cable company. If they pair the cable card to the device, then you'll have to contact them. Just pop it in and you'll know for sure.

If your HD had M-cards (unlikely) you can use one of them for the Premiere. Otherwise you will need an M-card for the Premiere for dual tuner functionality. The card is paired with a serial number on the DVR, so you will have to get your cable co involved regardless.
I have one M-card in my HD.

Thanks for the quick response. You guys are awesome!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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