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cable card question (with verizon FiOS)

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Seems like my Tivo HD might not be working properly (will know later today when I do a little more investigation). Tivo offered to exchange my TivoHD which is great but I have a question regarding cable card pairing.

I am using Verizon FiOS service for my TV. If I get the new Tivo will I be able to just pull the card out of the old one and put it in the new Tivo unit or will Verizon be required to come and pair the card again?
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Most (if not all) people seem to be able to swap Verizon cablecards and/or Tivo's without any hassles (as long as it's Verizon Fios and not Frontier Fios territory.) I've had no problems doing this.

If pairing is necessary for some reason, as long as the cablecard isn't faulty pairing should be able to be done over the phone with tech support.
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