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Cable Card question about my Series 3 DVR

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I was just wondering if you all got the same thing I did when I change channels...specifically in the HDTV range.

I have Cox Cable, in OKC, OK...and I have the Series 3 with 2 SA cable cards.

I have the DVR set to "native" and when I change channels its slow and I see some green/redish screen noise before each change. This is when a successful channel is going to load up, otherwise I get a black screen and no picture ever comes and I have to toggle between some random channel that works and go back to try to get the channel to load up again.

Does anyone else experience this? Know what it could be? :confused:

Does your channel switching act more smooth? Mine is real choppy and delayed.
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The mess you see is your TV having to sync to the new resolution.. To cure this, you can set the Tivo to 720p or 1080i fixed and let it do the conversion.
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