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Cable Card Firmware

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Does Comcast (I'm using Comcast-Cisco Cable Card) ever update or send a Firmware upgrade to it's cable Cards? Just wondering.
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I am in Delaware and the first time I ever saw a firmware update on a cable card was when I had to have one replaced and after they flashed it, it went into a firmware update. I have never seen one any other time, but I would guess that this would happen in the background. Are you having problems?
I'm with Comcast Atlanta. Have had Motorola M card/Tivo HD for 4 years and virtually no cable card issues. Never noticed any updates. If there were, no tv viewing/recording was affected. Never really looked at any firmware version reports, etc.
I have Time Warner and they update the cablecard and tuning adapter firmware about once a month. It is usually at 1am or 2am.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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