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Cable box dead, Tivo gets only channels 2-99. Is there help?

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Hi all--first post here, so apologies if this is overly long and confusing! I live in Los Angeles and get Time Warner Cable. I run cable --> cable box ---> Series 2 Tivo ---> Sony HD TV.

I am not a TW subscriber. I get TW cable in my place, either because TW left it on after the previous tenant moved out or because my landlord pays for it (I'm unsure & don't want to ask). My cable box is a Motorola analog/digital box issued by Adelphia from my old apartment.

My set-up was working well for the past four years. I received all standard channels, plus a few premium channels like BBC America and HBO. I thought that I did not receive HD channels.

On Tuesday, I lost all sound and picture and received only a black screen. Tivo still displayed all of the program information for all channels, but the channels weren't coming through. My best guess is that either the cable box died, or TW switched my area from analog to digital cable.

Testing revealed if I run the cable directly into the TV, I receive both analog and HD channels. If I use the cable box with just the TV or with Tivo, I only get a black screen. I unplugged and reset the cable box, but it still doesn't work even though it seems to operate fine (it changes channels, etc.).

As a work-around, I ran the cable through my S2 to the TV without the cable box, but this only receives channels 2-99. Also, Tivo keeps prompting me to check my cable box even though I'm not using a cable box and selected that during guided set-up.

Ideally, I'd like to get back the channels higher than 99 that I used to receive while not having to subscribe to TW. I don't mind not receiving HD channels (I never received them before, so I don't know what I am missing!).

I can think of two options to get cable back without having to call TW:

1. Get a new TW digital cable box, or

2. Get a S3 digital Tivo.

Both have problems. I'm not sure if I can get a new TW cable box except from TW, and S3 Tivos are really expensive (I have a lifetime subscription on my S2).

If anyone can give suggestions or help me with a work-around, I would really appreciate it!!!

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Let me get this straight... You are asking members of this forum for the best method to perform a theft-of-service from Time Warner cable. You got to be kidding.

In any event, the proper method is to call Time Warner and subscribe to their digital service and they will provide the cable box.

A TiVo S3 or new HD use cablecards to obtain digital cable channels (higher than 99) and HD channels and you will also have to subscribe to TW cable to obtain them.

Those who steal or misuse any utility service such as electricity, gas, water or cable have their service paid for in the rates of those who honestly pay for the service. Theft-of-service on the East Coast is a felony.
If the TiVo is getting channels 2-99, then you still have analog cable.

TW hasn't discontinued it. You know this because you know the channels are there.

A Series 2 TiVo can't get digital channels on its own, which is why the other channels aren't coming thru.

Without a cable box you can't get digital cable channels on a Series 2.

Ask your landlord if cable came with the apt. Explain your box quit working. It's the only way to find out if it's a legit feed or not, and if you can get a new box.

By the way...

A Series 3 won't get your missing digital channels without at least one cable card which only TW can provide you with. They also don't work with cable boxes.
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Thanks! I will talk to my landlord this weekend. I'm in a guesthouse, and most of my utilities are included in my rent. I never asked about the cable because I was afraid it might give him incentive to raise my rent, or have me pay for all the cable!

Interestingly, the channels 2-99 are much sharper than they used to be when my cable box worked. So even if I can't get the premiums back, at least I've got more than decent basic cable.
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