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byRequest and m3u playlists

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I have byRequest running on my Linux server; in testing, it serves up songs just fine but m3u playlists don't work correctly. The first problem I found was that the m3u files were in DOS format; I did a dos2unix on one and that got me a little closer to having things working. I can open the m3u, the Tivo says I can edit the entries (it displays the contents correctly on screen) but if I try to play the playlist, it just says "Please wait" and never gets any farther. I can go back without any error occurring; no crash of the byRequest daemon.

I've looked at the logfile, no errors that I detect; it seems the XML has the info for the first song in the playlist but somehow the Tivo doesn't understand it and just sits there and waits.

Has anyone run into this, and perhaps have a solution? I'm so close to being able to turn off my Windows box!
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Wow, is byRequest still around? I used that years ago but eventually switched to JavaHMO and then Galleon for my music serving needs.

edit: I found byRequest on SourceForge. It looks like it hasn't been touched since 2005. It's possible that changes in the HMO/HME protocol since then have "broken" byRequest. I would recommend checking out Galleon. It runs fine on Linux and supports playlists (even direct access to iTunes libraries).
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll probably end up going with Galleon in the long run, but I think I'll bug a friend to see if I can figure out what's going on.

What I did work out is that it appears there's an extra "25" in the URL for every special character. So if there should be a %2F for a "/" character, it shows up in the logfile as "%252F". It's not limited to the forward slash, it's every % character in the URL for the playlist. There's a routine called addUrlToMsg or something close to that which is responsible for output of the URL, so it's got to be in there somewhere. Now to figure out how that 25 gets in there!
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