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I am a new TIVO user. Do you have to buy special PC software to burn programs transferred to the TICO Desktop onto a DVD. I want to be able to play them in a portable DVD player in the car. Is there a "work-around"?


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Yes, you need some DVD burning package of some sort. You may get an OEM one with your DVD writer.

Officially supported is Roxio.

There may be free or low cost methods.

I use DSD to "dump" the files, and TyTools to do the dirty work, and Nero Express (OEM app that came with my DVD drive), to burn.

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VideoRedo has added this feature.

Dan203 said:
Edit: One thing I forgot to mention is that the DVD authoring feature is currently only available to registered users of VideoReDo Plus. Once we make sure the software is sound then we will offer a pre-release upgrade to those same users, followed shortly by an official release for all users. Sorry for any confusion.

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