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Burn Directv DVR shows with Pioneer 810

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I have just upgraded by Directv DVRs (series 2) to software v. 6.2 to get HMO
It works great! My neighbor has a Pioneer 810 and will sell it to me for $200
I'd like to put it into my network and burn my Directv DVR recordings to it using the accelerated burn feature. Is this possible? I don't intended to connect the Pioneer to a phone line, I just want the burner feature.
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You cannot burn MRV transferred recordings, if that is what you are hoping.
You can use it as a standalone DVD recorder though, but there are better non-TiVo DVD recorders for that. It might or might not need network to keep working.
Since the new software version 7.2.2 release is coming soon for Series 2, it is supposed to allow MPEG-2 files from your computer to be transfered to your Tivo ala Tivo2Go. What if I copy my Directv DVR files in MPEG-2 form to my computer and then transfer them to the Pioneer burner?
7.2.1 does that now (and you have to sub to do that). DVD recorders will only record to DVD programs it recorded from its A/V inputs, not anything trasnferred over the network.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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