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I thought I'd post a quick update to this thread I started a couple of years ago. As far as my experience goes...none of these issues have been fixed. I'm still getting the "zip back to the beginning" when hitting ff or rw as always, though now I'm so used to it I'm surprised when I use a tivo made by a different hardware vendor and it doesn't do this.
I moved my humax to the bedroom as a solution to the speed / response issues and replaced it with the Tivo from my motorhome. We aren't on the road as much now that fuel prices are so high. (actually paid $4.45 a gallon in CA on the way to Vegas last Jan!).
That has caused a host of new issues in trying to hook it up to an older tv with only RF input. sigh. I'll never buy another humax product, that much is certain.
There was a fix for this problem but it required replacing the front panel with its electronics, it was on a thread some years ago and Humax would send out a replacement unit at no cost to fix this problem, some people would just take the new Humax and replace the front panel so they could keep their recordings. I do not know what the deal is with them now but you might call them and find out at 866 486-2987. I had the problem some years ago and they replaced the unit at no charge (the unit was about 9 months old at the time) no problem now.
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