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Brothers & Sisters 10/7/2007 (S02E02) "An American Family"

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I'd love to see Rob Lowe be President. Robert McCallister, even. :p Kitty and that campaign guy have a good dynamic, too.
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Well, Bobby McAllister did become President in his previous series, "Jack and Bobby," so it's pretty much predestined. :p
I love this show but if it's gonna make me cry EVERY Sunday I'm gonna have a problem :)

(I'm an easy mark, usually, especially with some wine in me)
Whoever here thinks that Rebecca's friend is going to try to get cozy with her new boss Tommy, raise your hands.

Yeah, that's what I thought -- a whole lot of you. :D

Cute, how she immediately thought that Uncle Saul might be gay.
She doesn't have the chops to work in a coffee house but they are making her Office Manager? Disaster ensues.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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