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I have been having problems with this for some time now. I am not sure what the issue is. I can't transfer anything to another Tivo or burn shows recorded with my Humax to a DVD. I get a bunch of circles with lines through it next to the shows.

I posted about this a while back. Someone suggested I may have a bad cable box. Finally got the cable company out. He said that all digital programing is copyright protected and that I won't be able to burn or transfer it.

Can this possibly be true? He wouldn't give me a new cable box either.....

Anyone else burning shows with Brighthouse? This seems ridiculous.

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I have Brighthouse of Central Florida. 3 of 43 recordings are copy protected and all of them are movies - one of which was recorded from Movies On Demand. No problems with PC transfers or DVD burns with the others.

From what I have read in the forums, the copy protection flag is sent from the cable provider and not supplied through the guide data. I remember seeing issues where people have contacted their cable provider to correct the flags with some success.
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