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both HDMIs bad on both HDtivos. Have purple flashes (sliced cable?)

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both hdtivos are with the newer hdmi board (no manufacture date on back of tivo)

Today i got dtv dvr but it's a totally independent setup /dish etc from my 2 HDtivos. but the DVR is stacked as the top of 3 units. (could there be interference?) When i drilled in the floor I did slightly take away some insulation and i guess some foil from one of the satellite wires going to the HDtivo, but only one, and so i dont get how that would affect both HDtivos. I have 4 wires going from the 3lnb dish right to the hdtivos. And I know at least one of the tivos worked fine before i went away this afternoon.

tonight went to watch the hdtivos and the screen on both flashes purple and flickers thru the hdmi. The picture/signal is ok otherwise. I have a 3 hdmi switcher and have tried many combinations of cabling and am positive all hdmi cables are good as is the switcher. I swapped all around to rules out bad cables. The new dvr works fine on all switches on the switcher and none of the hdtivos work on any of the switcher inputs (they are all purple and flickery).

So, could me slicing thru the rg6 cause HDMI not to work right? composite works fine as does component. I have issues because i only have 1 hdmi on my tv and if i have to use component, i can only have one other tivo plugged in without buying a new switcher. So the other tivo is out of luck.

Any ideas..going nuts here.

the drill was plugged right next to the tivos while i did this so did maybe it mess something up? I do have them on a belkin ups. One is on 6.3e and one on 3.1 sofware

I just can't believe HDMI card would be both fried like this. And component is worse on my tv.

both hdtivos are with the newer hdmi board (no manufacture date on back of tivo). One is on 6.3e and one on 3.1 software
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unplugged tv for 30 seconds and all is well...thanks to a 2006 posting from earl (yes using search works!

one last thing though, that cable i took the insulation off of a bit, just electric tape it up if all signals are ok? I dont have crimper or ends to do my own work
As long as the insulation is just nicked no problem. You usually dont have a problem unless the braiding is completely cut in half.
cool...now if i could just get this new hr20 working right on the 110 i'd be set lol
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