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Boston Area-Cable Card and TBS HD

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Cable guy just left. 2 hours no TBS HD or CNN HD. He tried everything and the card people say it isn't them. Anyone else in the Boston area that has TivoHD and Cable cards with the same issue?
Hoping to find someone else that had this and what we have to do to correct it. Evidently I have an excellent signal coming into the house and into the machine. No signal or any other problem according to the installer. They were kind enough to replace all the wiring even though we both knew it would do nothing.
I have had 3 cable cards in the house for nearly year. One is in my Sony DVR and the other 2 have been in the TIVOHD a while. No problems with anything until the 2 new channels went live yesterday. Neighbor with a box is getting both channels just fine. I get all my channels except the 2. Boston is playing ANA tonight and was hoping to not have to watch it in SD.
Any advice would be appreciated.
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Who is your cable provider? Are you sure the channels aren't on switched digital? My provider (Cox) is adding new channels too, but we already know that they are switched...

Edit: seems others are having the same problem with TBS-HD, with all sorts of providers.
Same problem. I have Comcast and HD Tivo. Station comes in fine on the cablebox but not through the series 3. I sometimes get the cablecard dump screen saying I have to call my cable provider.
I am receiving TBS-HD on my S3 and on my TivoHD in Boston.

The picture is perfect on my S3, but it is a bit fast or herky-jerky on my Weaknees modded Tivo-HD. Perfect during the commercials, but the pq is a bit off speed wise live during the Red Sox-Angels game. Pretty weird.

gostan said:
I am receiving TBS-HD on my S3 and on my TivoHD in Boston.
Same here. Comcast & S3
Just watched the Sox take game 1 in HD here in Waltham on my S3 via Comcast. They must have gotten ALOT of calls since Boston clinched, eh?

Color me happy...sorry you are having issues...
I am getting TBS-HD and CNN-HD fine, but I am also getting pixellation every couple of minutes (TBS-HD only) which makes the ballgames annoying to watch. OTOH, it appears on both the Tivo S3 and the Motorola 3416, so it's a signal quality issue, not a Tivo or cablecard issue in my case.
I'm Comcast. Boston Area. Dang. Still does not work. They did escalate it and said they were reworking the boxes or cards in the head end or something. Either way I have the supervisors number and if I have to they will install 2 new cards in the Tivo and one in the Sony. Although I just know it is not a card problem. At least we won. Wooo hooo.
A little different now. When I channel down to 831, TBS, it appears for a second briefly and then the cable card dump screen appears telling me to call Comcast.
It works!

I powered down the Tivo and let it sit for 10 minutes. After restarting, the channel was available. Don't know if it was that or something they did centrally.
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