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Boston Area Alert: The Bachelor and DwtStars for 10/1!

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The Pats game on Monday, October 5 is getting simulcast on Channel 5 (ABC). It looks like Dancing with the stars will air Monday night/Tuesday Morning at 1:50a.m. As far as I can tell, that night's episode of the Bachelor is being totally skipped by WCVB. Their schedule does not show this episode anywhere. They only show the 10/8 episode. And according to ABC's website, there is most definitely an episode scheduled for the 1st.

I am going to drop an e-mail to WCVB to try and get more information......er.......for my wife. ;)
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I got e-mail back from WCVB that says they were planning on airing The Bachelor at 1:05a.m. on Tuesday night/Wed. Morning.

I asked them to confirm as their own web-site does not show this yet. I'll update if I hear anything else.
Update. No confirmation from WCVB. However, my guide data now shows the listing for the Mon/Tues showing of DwtStars and the the Tues/Wed 1:05 listing for the Bachelor.
Uh oh.....now those episodes are no where to be found in the guide date?!?!?!
Dancing with the Stars is now in as 1:45am (tonight/tomorrow). The Bachelor is still MIA.
Finally got an e-mail from WCVB with an update:

We are very sorry!

As you are aware, due to WCVB’s airing of the New England Patriots vs. the Cincinnati Bengals game, Dancing With The Stars will air late night Monday at approx. 1:50 AM, following Jimmy Kimmel Live. However, you can vote for your favorite couple until 12 Noon Tuesday online at ABC.com. The Bachelor will air late night Tuesday at 1:05 AM.

You can also watch both programs live on WMUR-TV, Channel 9 or online Tuesday morning at www.abc.com, click on full episodes.

When we contracted to carry the N. E. Patriots games almost two years ago, we did not expect to have such a terrible conflict of interest. We apologize for this inconvenience. Be assured that the program will be back on the schedule at its regular time next week!

WCVB Programming
So I'll have to do a manual record for the Bachelor as still does not look like it is in the guide data.
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