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Finished it despite the ads and thoroughly enjoyed every episode and mini-cases. I liked how well the young actor mimicked Titus’ mannerisms when meeting his biological father. I’ve been a fan of Titus Welliver since his bar scene in “Gone Baby Gone”.

My new crush — Stephen Chang. His voice is incredible.

The ads suck but each commercial break is half as long as the breaks on Pluto.
Tell me it isn’t so, I’ve been avoiding Pluto in fear of excessive ads. Every week T-Mobile tempts me.
OK, I didn't like the ending of E10 at all.

First of all, why did Bosch break down the door to Maddie's apartment? So he hasn't heard from her for a few hours---maybe she broke her phone. Maybe she's having sex with that other rookie. Maybe she took in a movie earlier and forgot to take her phone off silent. Who knows?
That bugged me too but they’ve conditioned me to trust Bosch’s intuition.
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