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Now this was a powerful episode.

Sure it was another "black people are crazy" theme that he's been doing all along, but this time he really did it right.

Maybe he's sticking to that in the cartoon and not branching out because that is what he's best at, and that's what people expect.

People read Dilbert (and when it was on watched the show) because they wanted Scott Adams's take on crazy office workers (mostly white crazy office workers). People read Fox Trot because they enjoy the antics of the (white) middle class family (though Jason does have a black friend).

The number one advice given to writers is generally, "Write what you know," and what McGruder seems to know is crazy black people.

I'd still like to see more of Huey in School, and more crazy white people, but if episodes are this good, McGruder can stick with his theme.

He really hates BET doesn't he?
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