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Bookmarks are gone after recent update?

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If I'm watching a recorded show, hit 'Live TV' and then go back to the list using the left arrow button, then hit 'Play' to resume the show I was just watching, it is back to the beginning of the show. THAT is a TOTAL NIGHTMARE!

Apparently, I just received the latest software update at about the time this behavior began. I'd tell you the exact version, but I'd have to leave the current show I'm watching and then my bookmark would be lost...OK, the show got to the 30 minute mark so I pulled up Sys Info. It's It installed several days ago around 9pm, which I thought was an inconvenient time, BTW...

What the heck am I supposed to do about that?

Also, the Recorded List has on several occasions not been at the show it was located on during the previous List viewing. That also began right after the recent update.

I've been using the SD interface mostly, because the HD interface was way too lame.

I guess I don't expect a resolution to this. I think I just thought it should be documented. I did do a search to see if anybody else was seeing this, but didn't find any threads.

If anybody knows a fix, I'd sure like to have it.

What was this 'update' supposed to fix anyway?

Did I mention this is a Premiere?


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And then found this other thread that I should have found:


Of course, I'd also just tried the new HD interface and don't seem to still have the problem...go figure...

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