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Adam1115 said:
He had service before, he has service now. He's UPGRADING not canceling. It's NOT the same thing. When he activates his NEW Series 3 on his EXISTING account, all it would have to do is simply ASK him if he is REPLACING a current TiVo or adding an ADDITIONAL TiVo! It's not as complicated as you are making it. They don't need to allow you to cancel online (even though there's nothing wrong with that, why would that be a stupid option?? Why would anyone complain about an option to cancel online? :confused: ).

When you buy a new cell phone, do you end up with two services, one of which you have to cancel??
Could the OP have used the change service number option to avoid the cancel hassle and having to purchase new service on the Series3? I've not used it myself due to Lifetime but I thought you could move service between non lifetime units online.
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