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bpurcell said:
It's not a logic argument; it's a perspective argument. I frankly don't see anything bad that TiVo did.

He spent 30 minutes total to cancel his service. Yes, it's annoying but definitely not unusual in the tech subscription business..
Bad, perhaps not.

Stupid, yes. They have you call in to attpempt to save then make you wait on hold 30 minutes before giving you the save pitch. Perhaps they should have a cancel option on the menu that will put the caller to the front of the queue so there will be a chance for a save. I don't know who'd stay with a company that just made them hold for 30 minutes???

When I'm on hold I always vision a group of employee's betting how long I will hold before I hang up. After twenty minutes or so they think, "well this nut won't hang up so somebody better answer". :)
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