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Bolt vs Tivo Streamer

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The Tivo Streamer appears to be a really nice choice for streaming services, particularly for the price. Sorry if I am not the first to ask, but wasn't what the Streamer is providing supposed to be included in the BOLT to begin with? That was the selling point when I got mine (so quickly that I got one of the ass-ugly white models). Being able to stream and DVR from the same box seemed like a great idea to me... Until MLB.TV vanished, WWE Network Vanished, NBA and NHL.TV (and a bunch of other newer stuff) never arrived, and I feel a tiny bit bamboozled. The Bolt was an expensive box, and although it's a few years later now, isn't this kind of a bait and switch? For the price (39.99 at Wal-fart this week) I'll just get a Tivo Streamer for the couple of services I want to stream, and it won't be that big of a deal. But the origin of the Bolt was that it was supposed to do it all, right? Or did I imagine that?
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