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Bolt vox sale with a mini vox

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Tivo shows up in cyber Monday for a great deal! Bolt vox and mini vox for $500 (includes lifetime). both are refurbs.

many difference between the bolt vox and the white bolt?
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They appear to be the same thing other than a VOX remote and the color of the box. Unfortunately for me I got the white one (prefer the black) with a mini (neither had VOX) on eBay for nearly the same price on Friday. I probably saved enough that I could use the money to buy VOX remotes but the refurb probably has a warranty that the one I bought won't have. Had I known they'd run this sale I would've waited :(. All In Service by itself is normally $550 which is why I went looking for used ones.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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