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Spent the day trying the suggestions in this thread without success.

Got Tivo to reactivate my other Bolt. Tried to ask for a discount with no luck. It has taken me most of the day to get it set up properly. It was on TE4 so I had to update the TE3 mini's and won't be able to go back. :(
The one with the issues (with lifetime) is on it way to Weaknees for diagnosis and possible repair. It will probably be worth it.

So strange that the newer Edge OTA is only available with two tuners and won't work with Minis.

I looked into Tablo and Amazon for a newer DVR solution but not really wanting to give up my TiVO's quite yet.
I have also looked at other DVR solutions but won't give up my TiVo's until all of them (4 with lifetime) are no longer working.
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