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Just posting my experience. All WITHIN 30 days of original Bolt purchase mid August 2018.

I've been using TIVO since they came out with the Series 2 so I hope in the future to try again to upgrade.

My network is not wireless.

1. Bought the Vox 3T and used TIVO online to transfer some recordings from 2 different Premieres (one an XL).

2. Transferred shows would not completely play. They would stop playing whether directly watched on the Bolt, or watched via streaming from the Bolt. (same as other forum threads)

3. Received a new Bolt as replacement. I assume customer service did not know to tell me this is a known issue.

4. Transferred shows - same issue. However I decided to ignore as I really wanted to upgrade my Premieres.

5. The replacement was hooked up for about 2 weeks but other than OnePass being recorded and the transfer test it had not yet been used to watch TV.

6. Spent 3 hours watching TV and 1 Amazon movie.

7. Device died with the 4-flashing/strobe light effect.

8. Returning and re-activating my Premiere XL. :( Maybe I'll try again next spring.

9. As an aside - I'm all for new UI enhancements, but TIVO Experience 4 no like. I hate the drastic context shift in the UI when using the guide especially - that is, the whole screen jumping around instead of the current highlight moving up and down. I also don't like how I cannot see a quick summary of all tuner activity - similar to how it works previously.

10. Customer experience for the return was positive. No hassle. Hopefully transferring the lifetime service back to my Premiere won't take 2 days although I haven't checked status yet.

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Is this an issue specific to a Premiere? Because in the last month I have transferred at least a dozen shows using TiVo online from Bolt to Bolt, Roamio to Bolt, and Bolt to Roamio. They have all played back properly.
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