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Is there any chance that replacing/upgrading a Bolt to an Edge would help improve the cable signal being received?

My Bolt is about 3 years old. It worked fine until several weeks ago, the cable TV channels have been pixelating horribly with audio cutting out (like a bad phone call). Cox Cable techs have been out to the premises no less than 4 times, (sometimes) finding excessive line noise/data dropping and finally escalated it to an advanced group who says (among multiple problems) this is a common problem these days. They explain that following upgrades to equipment in the field to support higher speeds (pushing more bandwidth over the old wiring), line noise coming from older wiring or flaws in connected devices (including neighbors devices) now manifests itself (i.e. as pixilation or internet delays) more than it used to. Of course Cox suggests replacing "old" (2006) wiring and switch to their TV hardware. Is it possible that replacing my Bolt or upgrading to an Edge would see improvement?
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