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Bolt pauses on its own

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I was curious if anyone else has run into this? I have a bolt+ that has been running pretty flawlessly since I upgraded the hard drive to an external WD Red drive in a separate closure. Over the last week or so, I've run into a situation where a live or recorded program will be mid playback and the TiVo pauses on its own. Its not frozen, or anything, just literally pauses in that the progress bar appears on screen and the pause icon is shown (I'm running T3). Its only happened a couple of times . . the first time i thought that someone had rolled over or sat on the remote, but the remote was sitting on the coffee table out of reach. No other TiVo remotes were being used in the house at the time. I thought it was weird, but pretty much forgot about it until it happened again this weekend during the baseball game. Alone in the house, all of a sudden it paused again. I just hit play and it played fine from that point on.
Has anyone else seen this? Maybe something in the house is causing interference?
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