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Hi guys (and gals :)
Wonder if others have seen these things:
Today: Detroit OTA 2-1 and 2-2 "Problem with signal on this channel. Trying again. (V53)"
Signal strength good, guide shows program, channel in channel list (re-scanned and verified).

Previous times: Show doesn't get recorded, can't see program live, channel list shows 2 of each channel w/ some having * next to them and maybe slightly different call letters or channel name. Have to uncheck old one and check new one in list. Guide info doesn't work for period of time :(

I'm assuming channel isn't actually changing frequency and think Tivo aught to keep working...

WTF! Any way to fix this either before it happens or when first noticed?


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The channel changed frequencies and Tivo was not notified.

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Detroit channel 2?
WJBK FOX has not/nor will be changing frequencies. They are still on RF7 (and have been since 2009)
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