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I just purchased a Bolt OTA to replace my Premiere and I am quite pleased with the new unit so far.

That said, there is one behavior change that seems rather odd to me and I am wondering if there is a setting/workaround that others have found useful.

On the Premiere, which only had two tuners, I found that if I used the guide to change to a channel which was already being recorded, I would get access all the way back to the beginning of the recording. This was preferable to using TiVo->My Shows->etc since it required fewer button presses and it did not involve listing stored programs, which sometimes took a long time.

On the Bolt OTA, which has four tuners, I find that if I use the guide to change to a channel which is already being recorded, the unit will simply (at least sometimes) grab a different tuner and start storing a new stream, meaning I do not have access anything prior to NOW in that stream. Unfortunately, the Bolt OTA is even worse than the Premiere when trying to go the TiVo->My Shows->etc route since in addition to occasionally being slow, it sometimes seems to have a bug which causes it to not function properly at all.

I guess I do not understand the new behavior of the Bolt. I cannot understand why assigning a new tuner and stream would ever make sense when the program is already being recorded. Am I missing something? Or is this simply the type of thing that causes so much ire with the TE4 firmware around here?
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